The following links point to courses by ourselves and others that include some aspect of sketching interactive experiences. Feel free to email me others that you would like to see included here.

Tutorials by the author(s). We have given many half to full day tutorials (mostly at conferences) introducing the book’s core concepts through various hands-on exercises. Contact Nicolai Marquardt if you are interested in such a tutorial, as he is the one that usually offers them.

Human Computer Interaction II – Saul Greenberg, University of Calgary.
This course incorporates sketching methods to pursue projects in a design- studio atmosphere.

User Experience Design – Julie Kientz,University of Washington.
Course HCDE 418. The schedule link includes powerpoint presentations on sketching. 

Design Thinking  Prof. Andrew Ko,  University of Washington
Course Info 360. Includes powerpoint presentations on design and on sketching.